【How to use】

1) Enter tube No., then click the search button.

Example) If you wish to search for tube No.106SA for Carbon monoxide, enter "106SA" in the search box.

2) Conditions (gas to be measured, measuring range and sampling volume) will be displayed.
  In case more than one list is displayed, select the right conditions from the list.

* In case no list is displayed, the temperature correction calculation for the tube No. entered is not covered with this program
  or temperature correction calculation is unnecessary.
  Please check the instruction manual of the detector tube.

* Humidity correction is not covered with this program. Please refer the humidity correction table in the instruction manual of the detector tube.

3) Select either fahrenheit or celsius as the unit of measurement for temperature, then enter the temperature at the time of measurement.

4) Enter a reading value in the tube reading box, then click the correct button.

5) The temperature corrected value will be displayed in the corrected concentration box.