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  2019/08/15:   New smoke generator (SG-1)

  2018/09/13:   New Acetaldehyde tube (133SC)

  2017/11/06:   New low range Ethyl alcohol tube (104SB)

  2017/10/04:   New low range Ethyl alcohol tube (104U)

  2016/12/12:   Rubber Extension Hose 20 metres (SH-20N / SH-20C)

  2016/05/12:   New Diesel fuel tube

  2016/05/12:   New Dimethyl sulphide tube

  2016/02/05:   New air sampler

  2016/02/05:   DNPH-treated silica gel sorbent cartridge type

  2014/09/02:   Gas aspirating pump with a counter unit

  2014/08/18:   New air sampler

  2012/12/12:   New low range Propylene oxide tube

  2012/08/17:   New Flue Gas Tester (O2)

  2012/08/15:   New O2/CO Monitor

  2012/08/14:   New Combustible Gas Monitors

  2012/07/05:   New O2 Monitor

  2012/07/02:   New low range Carbon disulphide tube

  2012/01/06:   New low range MITC tube for soil fumigation industry

  2011/07/06:   New O2 Monitor

  2011/02/01:   Model change on Methyl iodide tube, 176S to 176SC

  2019/07/22:   NSC CONGRESS & EXPO 2019

  2019/07/22:   22nd International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety Conference - T2019

  2018/11/12:   aihce 2019

  2018/11/09:   Pittcon Conference & Expo 2019

  2017/12/21:   aihce 2018

  2017/12/21:   Pittcon Conference & Expo 2018

  2008/02/12:   Portable gas monitors -500 series- discontinued

  2006/11/08:   We are certified under ISO14001

  2006/11/01:   US office is opened.

  2006/06/19:   Notice of relocation

  2019/04/01:   Improved shelf life on Chrolide ion tube (201SC)

  2019/02/27:   Methanol and Isopropyl alcohol detection (104SB)

  2018/12/20:   Specification change - Nitrogen dioxide tube (117SA)

  2018/11/13:   Improved 1,2-Dichloroethane tube (230SA)

  2018/01/17:   Improved Tetrachloroethylene tube (135SA)

  2017/12/21:   Improved n-Hexane tube (113SC)

  2017/12/21:   Improved Tetrahyfrofuran tube (162U)

  2017/09/05:   Improved Gasoline tube (110S)

  2017/08/29:   DNPH-treated silica gel sorbent tube (811) is no longer in production.

  2016/02/01:   Improved Carbon dioxide tube (126SB)

  2016/01/29:   Methyl amyl ketone detection(139U)

  2015/12/11:   Improved Acetic acid tube (216S)

  2015/07/07:   Improved Triethyl amine tube (213S)

  2015/01/06:   End the use of Mercury in Hydrogen sulphide-Mercaptans tube (282S)

  2014/12/08:   End the use of Mercury in Mercaptans tube (130U)

  2014/10/07:   Improved shelf life on Carbon monoxide tube (106SC)

  2014/06/19:   Spec change of Hydrogen sulphide-Mercaptans tube (282S)

  2014/05/01:   Spec change of Nitrogen oxides tube (175SA)

  2013/10/30:   Vibration function on OPA-5000E portable oxygen monitor withdrawn

  2013/10/08:   End the use of Mercury in Hydrogen sulphide tube (120U)