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Valve Shutter
Valve Shutter
Valve Shutter
  Model Comment
  VS-200 Valve Shutter
  VS-OP1 Optional setting part for valve shutter

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Valve Shutter
Valve shutting device for high pressurized gas cylinder on emergency
* VS-200
image1 The latest Model VS-200 valve shutter, the main valve shutting device for high pressurized gas cylinder on emergency, is designed to prevent gas explosion and gas poisoning caused by leakage of high pressurized gas and secondary disasters caused by unusual chemical reaction and earthquake.
  • The combination of air pressure and mechanic energy makes it possible to operate without power supply.
  • High durability owing to metallic gear mechanism inside the structure.
  • Lock mechanism of the valve open applies small direct acting cylinder. (*1)
  • The main valve cannot be hurt because the spiral spring is used.
  • Up and down of the set lever can lock and release.

(*1) The old lock mechanism applied the combination of cylinder, cam, link and warm gear. The new model applies simple and high reliable mechanism which works ON & OFF operation of the direct acting cylinder.

Model Number VS-200
Operating system Main Valve opening: Manual set
Main Valve closing: Spiral spring drive
Operation air pressure range 0.25 - 0.9 MPa
Recommended operation air pressure (*2) 0.35 Mpa
Operation Air Inlet φ 6/4 mm Resin tube
Wind-up torque of main valve 4 N-m (At Main Valve closing)
Confirmation of operation Colour indicator
Installing method to high pressurized gas cylinder Clamp handle system
External dimensions 118(W) × 173(D) ×296(H) mm approx.
Weight 3.0 kg. approx.

(*2) In order to control operation, apply pressure of compressed gases (recommended air pressure is 0.35 MPa) such as compressed air, compressed Nitrogen and compressed Carbon dioxide to open the valve. Then release the air pressure with utilizing abnormal signal from external gas alarm systems and seismoscope to close the valve.
(Note) Do not use combustible gas, toxic gas and high concentrate oxygen as an operation control air. It causes accident or disaster.

  The new model has improved the reliability to close the main valve, which is the most important function of the system, with locking driving energy in the status of [main valve open] during normal operation (apply operation air pressure) and with releasing driving energy during unusual occurrence (release operation air pressure). Air pressure is utilized for operation control and releasing energy of the spiral spring is utilized for driving energy to close the main valve in consideration of explosion protected apparatus.
TORQUE KIMETARO - Torque wrench kit
* VS-OP1
image1 TORQUE KIMETARO can close the main valve of the high pressurized gas cylinder perfectly and is an essential tool for safety control.

(Note) The torque wrench is an optional.