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Gas Alarm System for Vessel
We have supplied big quantity of gas alarm systems to LNG/LPG and oil carrier vessels since 1960.
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  FOMA-T34W COMBUSTIBLE GAS AND OXYGEN ALARM SYSTEM for the Pump room of Oil tankers

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COMBUSTIBLE GAS AND OXYGEN ALARM SYSTEM for the Pump room of Oil tankers
This is for the safety of crews and vessels.
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  Model FOMA-T34W detects combustible gas and oxygen in the air by applying the detection principle of catalytic combustion method and galvanic cell method respectively and transmits representative alarm by means of relay contacts.
Model FOMA-T34W uses two-way solenoid valves to measure four sampling points in the pump room by changing over each sampling point successively. The gas deteting panel is set in the cargo control room generally and piping is arranged from the sampling point through stop valves. A combustible gas detector is independently provided in the panel to monitor inside continuously.
Model FOMA-T34W
Sampling Scanning suction method for the pump room Continuous diffusion method for the panel inside
Measuring Gas Combustible gas
Detection Principle Catalytic combustion method
Measuring Range 0 to 100%LEL
Accuracy Within ±5% of full scale
Alarm Setting 10%LEL for the pump room (Adjustable)30%LEL for the panel inside (Adjustable)
Alarm Method Lamp and buzzer
Response Time Within 30 seconds (from gas inlet of gas alarm panel)
Gas alarm accuracy Within ±25% of the alarm set point
Power Source AC100V±10V, 60Hz±5%, 1φ as standard
Alarm contact output Alarm & failure contact (total 1b and 2a)
Detection Point Four(4) points for Pump roomOne(1) point in the panel
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 45 ℃
Installation Wall mounting
Dimensions 450(W) x 600(H) x 250(D) mm
Weight Approx. 40 Kg
Consumed Electricily Approx. 100VA
Standard Accessories The gas detecting panel, stop valves and accumulators only as standard (Tubing and cables for external connection of the gas detecting panel are excluded.)
Sampling point scanning Automatic and manual