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Optional accessoris for Kitagawa gas detector tube system
  Model Comment
  SH-5N / SH-10N Rubber Extension Hose
  SH-20N / SH-20C Rubber Extension Hose
  SF-40 Hot Air Probe
  SFH-01 Hot Air Probe Holder
  SR-200R Remote Extension Pole
  SPG-1 Sampling Probe for Gases in Soil
  BORING BAR Boring Bar for Sampling Probe for Gases in Soil
  B-191 Tip Cutter
  TIP CUTTER FOR AP-20 Tip cutter
  NeedlEx NeedlEx
  H2S-1/H2S-2 Calibration Gas Set for Hydrogen Sulphide
  AP-20CT Gas Aspirating Pump with Interchageable Counter unit/Tip Cutter Unit
Measurement Sets
  Model Comment
  P-50/UFO-II H Toxic Gas Measurement Set for Disaster Relief
  P-30CL/P-30CL2 Salinity Measurement Set
  P-41R Compressed Breathing Air Sampling System

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Rubber Extension Hose
* SH-5N / SH-10N
image1 Useful for measurements in hazardous places such as manholes and tanks.
5m (SH-5N) and 10m (SH-10N) in length.
Rubber Extension Hose (20 metres)
* SH-20N / SH-20C
image1 20m in length.

SH-20N is for a single-tube. SH-20C is for a dual-tube.

The sampling time and correction factors vary from detector tubes. Applicable detector tubes are listed here.
Hot Air Probe
* SF-40
image1 Used when measuring gases with high temperatures, such as exhaust gas from a combustion appliance or an automobile.

*40cm in length
*Durable at temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius
Hot Air Probe Holder
* SFH-01
Used to fix the connection of Model AP-20 aspirating pump and Model SF-40 hot air probe to provide much stabler measurements.

Remote Extension Pole
* SR-200R
image1 It can be used when measurements are taken in areas that cannot be reached with hand (vertically and horizontally), or when they are taken in hazardous places.
The length of the pole is 2m, but measurements can be taken up to about 2.5m if you reach out with your hand. It is also easy to set the gas collector.

*The gas aspirating pump in the photograph is not included.
Sampling Probe for Gases in Soil
* SPG-1
A probe for a simple check whether chloride organic solvents such as trichloroethylene has polluted the soil.
image2 image3
1. Dig a hole in soil for soil sampling with a boring bar.
2. Put a opened detector tube at the top of the sampling probe.
3. Put the sampling probe in the hole first, then connect the probe to aspirating pump.
4. Pull the handle of the aspirating pump to measure Chlorocarbons in soil.
*1m in length
*A boring bar is required to dig a hole into the ground.
Boring Bar for Sampling Probe for Gases in Soil
image1 A boring bar for Model SPG-1 sampling probe to dig a hole into the ground for sampling.

*1.5m in length, Maximum hole depth 86cm.
Tip Cutter
* B-191
B-191 Tip Cutter in cutting ends of a detector tube avoids scattering of glass fragments.
Transparent container easily lets you know the amount of glass fragments.
image2 image3
1. Insert the end of the detector tube into Tip Cutter and rotate by 360 degrees to score the glass tube.
2. Hold the base of the detector tube and pull it toward you.
Tip cutter
image1 Tip cutter for AP-20 series gas aspirating pumps.
Sold as a replacement for damaged or lost tip cutters.
*2 pcs in a bag.
* NeedlEx
  • Connect the NeedlEx to Model AP-20/AP-20N Air Sampling Pump and collect sample gas. You can extract the target compounds selectively in a short time.
  • Heat at the injection port of gas chromatograph can be used for the desorption of extracted gas.
  • NeedlEx can keep extracted gases for about 10 days with putting teflon plugs to both ends.
  • NeedlEx can keep extracted gases for about 10 days with putting teflon plugs to both ends.
  • NeedlEx can be reused about 30 times with 3 minutes conditioning.

Click here to download a brochure for the NeedlEx.

Calibration Gas Set for Hydrogen Sulphide
Designed for generating calibration gas for H2S detection monitors.
* H2S-1/H2S-2
    • Calibration Gas Set for Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S-1/H2S-2) is designed for generating calibration gas easily for H2S detection monitors or H2S detector tube.
    • Generate calibaration gas using H2S generation tube, Air pump, calibration bag contained in the kit.
    • You can confirm the concentration of generated calibration gas with the H2S detector tube contained in the kit.
* Composition of H2S-1
  • Tube No. 296HA H2S generation tube
  • Tube No. 296KY H2S absorbent tube
  • Detector tube No.120SB for Hydrogen sulphide
  • Air pump
  • Calibration bag
  • Silicon tube
  • Tip cutter
  • Bottle for generating water
  • Bottle for waste
  • Tube cock

Generation tubes, absorbent tubes and detector tubes are for one-time use.

* Composition of H2S-2
  • Model H2S-1 Calibration gas set
  • Model AP-20 gas aspirating pump kit
* Specifications of 296HA H2S generation tube
Tube Number 296HA
Generating Solution Water(H2O)
Generation Concentration Approx. 20-40ppm
Flow rate Approx. 0.5-2.0 L/min
Feeding Amount Approx. 5.0L
Generation Method Absorbing reagent absorbs water and acid is generated, then the acid reacts on celecium sulphide is produced.
Gas Aspirating Pump with Counter Unit
* AP-20CT
image1 Gas aspirating pump with a counter unit to count multiple pump strokes with a visible LED display and is interchangeable with a tip cutter unit.

Do not use the counter unit at explosive atmospheres (explosion-proof area).
* How to use
  1. Insert a gas detector tube.
2. Pull the pump handle.  
  3. The LED display shows
  the pump strokes.
* How to change the unit
  The couter unit and tip cutter unit is interchangeable.

(Note) Both unit cannot be interchangeable with Model AP-20 series aspirating pumps.
Toxic Gas Measurement Set for Disaster Relief
* P-50/UFO-II H
image1 When disasters occur all of a sudden, it is not uncommon for the rescuer to be hit by a secondary disaster.
Among various secondary disasters, toxic gas is extremely dangerous because it cannot be seen.
This set enables easy and quick measurements for toxic gases at the place of disaster.
■P-50 set includes
  ●Aspirating pump AP-20 (2) ●remote collector tube (5m) ●tip cutter B-191
●container for used detector tubes ●accessories ●storage case ●manual
●qualitative analysis flow chart
qualitative analysis inorganic gas detector tube 131
qualitative analysis organic gas detector tube 186B
■UFO-IIH set includes
  In addition to, those included in P-50 set, the following 20 kinds of detector tubes are included.
For inorganic gases For organic gases
Ammonia 105SB Toluene 124SA
Hydrogen sulfide 120SB Acetylene 101S
Carbon monoxide 106SA Methanol 119SA
Hydrogen cyanide 112SB Ethylene oxide 122SA
Carbon disulfide 141SA Methylamine 227S
Carbon dioxide 126SA Chloroform 152S
Chlorine gas 109SB  
Sulfurous acid gas 103SD  
Hydrogen chloride 173SB  
Hydrogen selenide 167S  
Phosgene 146S  
Hydrogen fluoride 156S  
Nitrogen oxides 174A  
Nitric acid 233S  
Measurement Sets
Salinity Measurement Set
* P-30CL/P-30CL2
image1 One of the main cause for deterioration of reinforced concrete durability is the salinity.
It has become a big problem as beach gravel is used more and more often.
To cope with this problem, Ministry of Construction has announced a regulation in the total amount salinity in concretes in the notification of measures in relation to achieving concrete durability.
P-30CL and P-30CL2 lets you measure the salt concentration in ready-mixed concrete or the fine aggregate quickly and accurately.
The salinity detector tube SL types used for this purpose, are quality evaluated product (No.860801) by Japan Institute of Construction Engineering.

■P-30CL includes
  ●3 syringes ●3 rubber balls ●30 SL type salinity detector tubes ●elastic case.
■P-30CL2 includes
  ●3 syringes ●3 rubber balls ●30 SL2 type salinity detector tubes ●elastic case.
Measurement Sets
Compressed Breathing Air Sampling System
* P-41R
image1 When impurities exist in the compressed air for respiration, it affects human health.
P-41R enables you to easily measure the impurities in compressed air by aerating the detector tube with an exclusive reducing valve from the gas cylinder.
  • Control assembly
    (including an adapter with W22-14RH Female thread for rescue and on-land cylinders)
  • International fitting yoke (for a scuba cylinder)
  • Tube protector
  • Tip cutter for Gas detector tube
  • Wrench
  • Digital stopwatch
  • Carrying case (Aluminum)
  • Gas detector tube (extra option)
  • 50mL plastic syringe (optional accessories for Tube No.604SP only)
  • 1m vinyl tube (optional accessories for Tube No.604SP only)
■Compressed breathing air test tubes
Substances to be measured Tube No. Measuring range
CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) 601SP 100-3,000ppm
OIL MIST 602SP 0.3-5mg/m3
WATER VAPOUR (H2O) 603SPA 20-160mg/m3
OXYGEN (O2) 604SP 2-24%