KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO K.K. PRODUCT INFORMATION(Amperometric 3-Electrode Type Gas Sensor:For Ammonia:KTS-517A)
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Gas Sensors
Amperometric 3-Electrode Type Gas Sensor
* KTS-517A
  • Linear output with high accuracy compare to semiconductor type sensors
  • Less temperature/humidity dependence compare to semiconductor type sensors
  • Can be used at low temperature down to -300C, so leak detection inside refrigerators is possible
  • Detectable in inert gas (N2 etc.)
  • High performance with long-term stability
  • Fast response
  • Good selectivity to organic vapour compare to semiconductor type sensors
Model KTS-517A
Detectable Gas Ammonia in the air or inert gas
Measuring Principle Amperometric 3-Electrode type
Measuring Range 0-100ppm
Operating Temperature Range -30 - 400C
Response time Within 35 seconds at 62.5% response(20 0C)
Size φ21.0 x 19.7mm
Weight Approx. 9g
Guarantee 1 year (maximum 15 months) from invoice date
Main usage Diffusion type gas detectors, TH-D4A
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