KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO K.K. PRODUCT INFORMATION(Hydrogen Sulphide Monitor:For toxic gas prevention:TPA-5200P)
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Portable Gas Monitors
Hydrogen Sulphide Monitor
H2S Monitor
* TPA-5200P
The TPA-5200P H2S monitor alerts danger levels to protect workers from Hydrogen Sulphide poisoning, where Hydrogen Sulphide is generated from sapropel, decay of organic matter, sewerage plants, waste disposal centres, paper mills and petroleum processing, volcanos and spas.
Easy to use and wearable
Vibrating alarm for high noise areas
Large luminated LCD display
3+ months run time at 8hrs/day
Sensor faces down for protection from dust and water


Measuring Gas Hydrogen Sulphide
Measuring Principle Chronoamperometry
Sampling Method Diffusion type
Measuring Range 0.0-50.0ppm
Resolution 0.1ppm
Indication accuracy 0.0-30.0ppm:±1.5ppm, Above 30.1ppm:±3.0ppm
Alarm Concentration Low:10ppm, High:30ppm
Response Time Within 25 seconds at 90% response
Alarm Method LCD display, LED Lamp, vibration and buzzer
Power supply 2 x size "AAA" Alkaline batteries
Continuous Operation time Alkaline batteries : approx. 600 hrs
Operating Temperature Range -10-40°C; 15-85%RH(non-condencing)
Dimensions 100 (W) X 54 (H) X  23 (D)mm (excluding sensor enclosure)
Weight Approx. 100g (including batteries)
Standard Accessories Softcase
Optional Accessories Sensor cord for remote measurement(5m, 10m, 20m or 30m)