KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO K.K. PRODUCT INFORMATION(Multi-Gas Monitor:For prevention of Hydrogen explosion, monitor residual O2, explosion-proof, suction type:MD-619E)
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Portable Gas Monitors
Multi-Gas Monitor
For prevention of Hydrogen gas explosion, monitor residual O2, suction type
* MD-619E
  • Monitors Hydrogen concentration in inert gas
  • Delivers gas alarm and/or any trouble with loud sound(above 90dB/10cm)
  • Delivers alarm with bright LED flickers,
    in operation(GREEN), alarm(RED), trouble(ORANGE)
  • Large LCD display for easy reading
  • Powerful suction pump, fast response time
  • Ex Explosionproof construction


Measuring Gas Hydrogen(H2) Oxygen(O2)
Measuring Principle Chronoamperometry Galvanic cell
Sampling Method Suction type Approx. 0.6L/min (at room temperature with 2.4m gas sampling tube with a sampling probe)
Measuring Range 0-100%LEL 0.0-50.0vol%
Resolution 1%LEL 0.1vol%
Detectable accuracy ±10%LEL 0.0-25.0vol%:±0.5vol%
Concentration display LCD Digital
Aralm accuracy ±10%LEL ±0.5vol%
Alarm Concentration 20%LEL 0.1vol%
Alarm Method LCD display, LED lamp and buzzer
Response Time Within 25 seconds at 90% response from sampling gas inlet at 20°C Within 15 seconds at 90% response from sampling gas inlet at 20°C
Explosionproof ExiaII CT4X(No.TC19531)
Operating Temperature Range -10-40°C; 15-90%RH (non-condensing)
Pressure range 80-110kPa
Power Source 3 × "AA" size Alkaline batteries(LR6)
Continuous Operation time Alkaline batteries : approx. 20 hrs (no alarm)
Main Body Dimensions 78 (W) X 200 (H) X 50 (D)mm
Main Body Weight Approx. 550g (including batteries)
Standard Accessories Gas sampling tube with a sampling probe(2.4m), leather case, carrying case