KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO K.K Qualitative Analysis Inorganic Gas Detector Tube
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Chemical Qualitative Analysis Sysytem
Inorganic Gas Qualitative Detector Tube (Tube No.131)

General gas detector tubes are designed to measure the concentration of the Measuring Gas with the knowledge of gas components. However, when the measuring gas is unknown, qualitative analysis tubes enable you to analyze the gas quality and know the kind of gases that exist.
Detecting reagents in five layers as shown below change colours as they analyze the gas quality. The existent gas is specified by the colour changes listed in the below table.
Click here to download an instruction manual for Tube No.131.

A B C D E Gas Existent
  --- --- --- --- Ammonia/Amines (*)
---   --- --- --- Sulphur dioxide/Acetic acid
---   --- --- --- Hydrogen chloride
---     --- --- Chlorine
--- ---   --- --- Carbon dioxide
--- --- ---   --- Hydrogen sulphide
--- --- --- ---   Carbon monoxide
--- --- --- ---   Phosphine
--- --- --- ---   Acetylene*
--- --- --- ---   Methyl mercaptan(*)

--- : Undiscoloured
(*) : Toxic gases
The colours in the image and the table may look slightly different from the actual colours.

Click here to download an instruction manual for Organic Gas Qualitative Detector Tube (Tube No.186B).

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