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Mechanism For KITAGAWA Gas Detector Tube System
Detector tubes are glass tubes loaded with chemical reagents which sensitively react to the measured gases.
When you aerate the sampled air into the detector tube using a gas aspirating pump, chemical reaction causes the reagent to change colour.
The relationship between the measured gas concentration and the length of colour change has been printed on the detector tube as the concentration scale. Therefore it is fairly easy to know the concentration of the measured gas.

[The main uses]
Many of our detector tubes are used for Ministry of Labor's Work Environment Measurement Standards in Japan.
It is useful for environmental protection for workplaces such as workshops, buildings, and offices.

The concentration of combustible gases can be measured quickly and on the spot, enabling utilization for the prevention of fire or explosion due to leaked or generated gas.

In various industries where gases are used as material or intermediate, impurities can be measured with our detectors in order to achieve higher quality, prevent poisoning of the catalyst, and raise the production efficiency.

Toxic gases such as sulphurous acid gas and nitrogen oxides in flue gas are easily detected at the actual spot, and it is useful for the detection and control of an air pollution source.

Concentrations of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, etc. can be measured to check the combustion efficiency of combustion appliances.
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