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The 21st century is about improving our quality of life. It is a century to stop damaging the environment with chemical pollutant created from processes and products that make our lives seemingly more comfortable and convenient. In the gas measurement field, KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO K.K. is continually working on new developments. As the main target of our activities in the new century, we would like to work towards this new and fresh environment through our products and services. We have listened to all our customers' viewpoints and as a result, our efforts will concentrate upon creating a new culture; one that will care for the world in which we live. We therefore hope that you will heighten your level of support with our Company and work with us towards a better future.

The customers using our products include government and municipal agencies, various enterprises and organizations of industry including those associated with energy, engineering, transportation and electricity etc., both at home and abroad. To cover these markets thoroughly, we at Tokyo Headquarters have established a net-work service providing a close working relationship with all our branch offices and overseas agencies. The quality of the product is excellent and guaranteed. Delivery and after-sales service are carried out both effectively and promptly thus gaining the confidence of our customers. We will always meet the changing needs of the times with our flexible company outlook.

: Gas Making Plants

: Thermopower Stations : Ships & Shipyards
: Automobile Manufacturings : Automobile Maintenance : Chemical Plant Engineering
: Chemical Plant : Oil Refineries : Petrochemical Plants
: Steel Making : Coal & Metal Mines : Buildings Maintenance
: Public works & Constructions : Paint & Ink making : Oil & Fat industries
: Plating industries : Foods Industries : Warehouse business
: Fumigation : Clearing business : Livestock industries
: Traffic police stations : Ministries and Government offices : Printing & Painting

Company Name


Business Activity

Manufacturing and sales of measurement equipment and alarm equipment

Establishment date

22 August , 1947


100 Millions yen

Number of Employees



1-8-28 Shimonoge, Takatsu-Ku, Kawasaki-City, Kanagawa 213-0006, Japan
[TEL] +81(0)44-833-8911 [FAX] +81(0)44-833-2672